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About Us 關於我們

Our Mission 我們的使命:

Our Mission

Established in February of 2011, Vplusu aims at “Profession”, Creation”, and “Quality Assurance” as the core values to bring in the western wine & dine culture into Hong Kong, in such a way to provide fun and relaxation to our customers through the studying of wine culture as a communication tool for dealing with friends and business purposes, and therefore, improving quality of life as well.

Vplusu 建立于2011年2月。公司創立本著專業、創新、服務為理念,積極推廣葡萄酒文化活動,致力為一衆過著緊張生活及工作的都市人,提供一個優雅、輕鬆的環 境,在分享飲食文化的樂趣之餘,同時認識更多 交朋結友、商務洽談的酒文化交際技考,從而提升生活品味。

As of 13th November, 2012

Wine Culture Promotion


Wine Culture Promotion 葡萄酒文化推廣活動 場數 場數
Wine Tasting 品酒會 
Wine Course 品酒班 45
Seminar 研討會 18
Total 86



Wine & Food Pairing Workshop 美食配對班 場數
Oyster Shucking 開蠔品酒班 225
Spanish Tapas & Iberico Ham 西班牙地道小食
Cheese & New Zealand Wines 芝士配對與紐西蘭葡萄酒 5
Belgian Chocolates & French Wines 比利時巧克力與法國佳釀 12
Total 288